Luxurious Vacation Magic for the Whole Family: Villa Bunga Pangi, Indonesia

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It’s a traditional Balinese paradise with all the comforts of home: it’s Villa Bunga Pangi, a luxurious vacation retreat amid tropical splendor. The word bunga means “flower,” and that’s an apt name for this exquisite bloom of a vacation villa. Made up of 5 separate pavilions, the villa includes 4 double bedrooms, a media room, kitchen, and gorgeous open-air main pavilion with magnificent teak ceilings, lounge, and dining space for up to 10, as well as a custom bar. Make up your own special beverages, if you like — or have the staff come in and prepare food and drinks for you. Your villa is staffed with a team that includes an in-house chef, 2 housekeepers, a gardener, pool maintenance people, and security guards — to ensure not only your complete comfort, but also your complete safety.

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Each air-conditioned bedroom includes an en-suite bathroom, dressing area, and stereo with iPod docking; the master suite also features a secluded outdoor tub. Want a dip in the infinity pool? This one has multiple depth levels — so the whole family can feel comfortable in it. A lower-level plunge pool gives you a view of the river, where you might see fish taking their own “plunge” while you have yours. Indoors, the air-conditioned media room contains a 52-inch flat-screen TV, surround system, cable TV, and DVD player; there’s even a DVD library and pre-installed cabling for your laptop. Finally, wireless Internet access is available to keep you “in touch” — but you might decide to turn it off and allow yourself a complete retreat from the world in this little touch of paradise.

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