Luxury Bathtubs with Lion Legs for Contemporary Bathrooms

If you want to add a luxurious look and a sophisticated touch to your contemporary bathroom decoration, you may be interested by the bathtub with lion leg models which remind us of the glamour of the imperial age and the prestigious palaces. Recently the bathtub with lion legs is back to appear even in very modern bathrooms to create a stylish yet elegant atmosphere by combining both contemporary and classic styles. The bathtub lion leg gives the bathroom a very charming atmosphere that matches with many styles. Also, in a bathroom where the wood is present in decoration, this kind of bathtub brings a touch of sweetness. If you like the retro decorating style and you want to add it in your bathroom to get the cozy family atmosphere, go for a bath with lion legs and complete the decoration with rustic wallpaper on the walls, or with retro tile motifs on both walls and floors. Remember that a bathtub with lion legs can also be perfectly integrated in a baroque bathroom decor that depends on luxurious items. The curved lines and elegance of the bathtub are ideal for such bathroom style. If your bathroom is pretty simple with furniture in raw materials, you can bring to it a very chic touch just by choosing a bathtub with lion legs.

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