Luxury Modern Bedrooms With Bathrooms Combined

To create a single space dedicated to relaxation, think in opening the bathroom on the bedroom like in big hotels. If you are a family, this system will also allow you to enjoy a perfect suite to have some privacy. If you are interested in this idea, and your bedroom space allows, we present you in this post many creative examples to inspire you. If you want your bedroom & bathroom to share the same space, you can choose a large room having an L-shape; this layout will provide separation and intimacy in the bathroom area. If your bathroom and your bedroom are two different rooms, know that you can unify them by creating a large opening in the wall that will combine the two parts. And don’t forget to opt for the same decoration style. If you have enough space, you can place your bathroom right next to your bed. To delimit the spaces, you can opt for a different floor covering for each area. If your bedroom has a corner, don’t hesitate to transform it into a bathroom space; you can use the bathtub as a space separator to create a decorative effect. If you want to be able to relax to the maximum in your bedroom, you can simply add only a bathtub while the rest of the toilet will be in the bathroom. To hide the bathroom area from the bedroom, you can opt for a wall that serves as a headboard while from the other side it is equipped by the washbasin for example; this way the bathroom will be combined with the bedroom, however, you will keep on the privacy of the user.

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