Luxury Student Housing at Texas Tech: 25twenty by TBG

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We’ll bet your college dormitory was never like this: this incredible complex is what the designers refer to as “upscale student housing” at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, by TBG Partners Landscape Architects. TBG, which states it conceptualized this development based on “connectivity and student living,” has created an ambience almost more reminiscent of a resort than a college dorm. Located on Marsha Sharp Freeway across from Jones AT&T Stadium, 25twenty is connected to the 11-floor Raider Park Garage via a pedestrian bridge and includes retail stores on the ground level, plus a rooftop bar with views into the football stadium. TBG goes on further to say it conducted sight line studies from the garage terrace and designed the “streetscape” accordingly.

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From that street view, 25twenty gives every appearance of a luxury apartment building — and the amenities would make luxury apartment dwellers feel right at home. Besides the free look-in to home football games, the “inner workings” of this complex include two courtyards — one “active,” with sand volleyball and a fire pit, and one “passive,” with hammocks and a pool with a central island bar. Notice the abundant space for lounging and hanging out; umbrellas dot the expansive deck, and wood pergolas provide more partial shade. Students lucky enough to have time during the day can top up their tans, while at night, strings of lights dot the pergolas and provide instant “party” atmosphere. Even if you’ve already been to college, housing like this would tempt you to want to go back — courtesy of TBG Partners.

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