Made With Love: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Home Décor

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Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the “crafty” person in all of us — so, just in time for that special day, here are some easy-to-make décor ideas from Better Homes and Gardens ( to dress up your home. Strings of hearts, of course, are probably the number-one accessory for this holiday; make them out of miniature cutouts and wire for a fabulous candle trim, or use larger hearts and yarn or ribbon to decorate a headboard, mantel, mirror, or shelf. Décor can be a small touch, like a ribbon of pink or red fabric trimming a cake plate…or it can be a splashy accent, like a photo tree with family pictures on display (framed in hearts, of course!) Use red, pink, and white candies in clear glass to hold a candle, or substitute glass beads in those colors for even more shine.

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A wreath of red, pink, and white decorated loops, trimmed with a paper or fabric “lollipop,” looks fabulous on a door. So do floating hearts made with paper cutouts curled much the same way you curl ribbon. A collage of tiny cutout designs (birds and hearts are used here) is pure fun on white stock, or embroider your own design on a scrap of canvas. Make a bouquet of crepe paper flowers (the fluffier, the better), or put together a rustic “spool” heart plaque for your country-loving friends. Tuck a red journal filled with loving thoughts, pictures, or quotes next to a place setting and you’ll make memories that last all year. So let your imagination go: whether you’re frilly or practical, sentimental or whimsical, this array has something you’ll love for your Valentine’s Day!

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