A Magical Mix: Fire Features from Cameo Pools

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Two elements that aren’t supposed to mix? Fire and water. But these two elements that mix in surprisingly elegant ways, when employed in a custom pool design by Cameo Pools. Rare indeed is the modern back yard or estate without at least one fire pit; if you’re planning a pool installation or re-do, you’re probably also considering where to put these warm conversation-starters. Well…how about next to the pool, or even as part of the pool itself? You can station them at both ends, as you see here — as part of corner cascades or waterspouts. They’re a stunning accent to a corner garden, with shade trees and greenery. A separate fire pit, away from water and closer to your outdoor cooking area, is a good solution for cooler climates, where you may be outdoors way past “swimming season.”

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In cases like these, you may even want to expand beyond the circular fire pit and build a regular free-standing stone fireplace; group a table and chairs around it for toasty outdoor dining almost all year ‘round. But for sheer dramatic effect — and if you’re going for an outdoor living area with a pool as its prominent center — you can’t beat working the alchemy of fire and water…together. Imagine how your guests will react to three jumbo-sized fire bowls at one end of your deep blue pool, serving as “up-lighting” for trees and reflecting their glow clear across the surface of the water; in fact, take a look at that splendid effect here, and you don’t even have to imagine it. Combine the unexpected in your back yard — meld fire and water — then wait for the compliments!

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