Magnificent Kitchen Designs by Mobalpa

At Mobalpa, the kitchen is a real living area! It fits perfectly with other rooms like the living or dining areas with decorative styles that follow the trend. We invite you to discover 10 irresistible kitchen designs from Mobalpa that are going to impress you. Very elegant and very fashionable! The first thing you will notice when you see Mobalpa kitchen designs is that this brand does really follow the modern lifestyle where the home interior is almost one big living area in which is combined the kitchen as well as the dining room; that’s why all Mobalpa kitchens are ensuring perfect suitability with the living and the dining room so your kitchen easily finds its place in your living space without cluttering the vision.

In a contemporary kitchen, the spaces are open but are also well defined by their activities. At Mobalpa, you will find beautiful kitchen designs that separate the kitchen area from the dining room by a wall which acts as a countertop. And to maintain the unity of the overall look, high kitchen cupboards make the connection between the two spaces. Mobalpa kitchens reflect all trends. So, if you want a minimalist kitchen design with black and white lacquered furniture and very sleek lines, you can still take advantage of the charm of the wood material through a worktop and a backsplash in wood to warm the look—a beautiful yet very contemporary combination.

To make the open kitchen fit perfectly in the rest of the house, Mobalpa had the idea to melt them together using accessories. Thus, the decorative elements like the living room and the dining room vases and decorative shelves are repeated in the kitchen. To open the living room, dining room and kitchen onto each other, the Mobalpa kitchen is opened onto the living room delimiting the space with a worktop that can serve as a bar. The worktop also includes a section that works as a dining table to bring together the three areas in a practical way.

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