Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Maison Martin Margiela fashion house has revealed its fall/winter 2012 collection for men. That collection can’t be described by anything except polished, classy and elegant menswear collection. The designer of that collection has tried as much as possible to make use of the famous classical pieces of Maison M. Margiela fashion house. To keep on the classic & vintage impression of the collection, the designer has relied on using very classy and luxurious fabrics. For example, when you take a look on that collection, you can see that camel hair or wool has been used in creating many items in Maison Martin Margiela fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. Besides camel hair, you can also see denim fabric, lustrous leather, fur and satin. Anyway, besides relying on those various luxurious fabrics, the designer has also used a diverse, yet classy group of colors. For example, the designer has relied on using black, camel and blue colors besides red & white. All of those colors have been combined together in such an artistic and glamorous way. I’ll take you from the fabrics and colors used in that fall/winter 2012 collection to the latest fashion trends introduced by it. So, prepare yourself to see a group of classic & vintage, yet up-to-date fashion trends. Since the vintageness & the classiness are the basic elements of the Maison Martin Margiela fall/winter 2012 men’s fashion trends, the collection has been full of vintage and classy garments from classic overcoats to peacoats. Besides that, the collection has also included glamorous and chic black tuxedo jackets. Those black tux jackets have been paired with the drawstring trousers. The collection has also included very chic styles of suits. Besides those luxurious and classy items, the designer has tried to make use of some famous casual items but also in a very classy and chic way like the biker suit with all of its components from the trousers to the jackets and of course that is besides the vests. Those last mentioned pieces have been either made of leather or denim. So, from all the last mentioned fashion trends & items, you can get that Maison Martin Margiela fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has tried to satisfy all men with different fashion senses!! What a glamorous and diverse collection?!, isn’t it? Now, I can say “Good Byes!” and leave you with the pictures of that classy and luxurious collection!!

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