Malcolm Edwards Hairstyles

Malcolm Edwards is one of the most famous hairdressers in the whole world. Malcolm Edwards has been known by his creativity, great talent, wide artistic look, elegance and wildness in the world of the hairdressing. That’s why Malcolm has been one of the most famous celebrity hairstylists like; Lady Gaga and Kate Moss. I know that you may say yourself how can Lady Gaga and Kate Moss to be combined together, both of them have totally styles!!. You may even wonder how could Malcolm Edwards do that?!!. That’s what I’m going to tell you after a while!!.. Anyway, beside being a celebrity hairstylist, Malcolm has worked on many fashion shows like; London Fashion week, Paris Fashion Week, Amanda Wakeley fashion show, Aquascutum fashion show and many others.. Also beside that, Malcolm has won many awards & prizes and for many years till now, he has worked for L’oreal beauty company.. After making that brief and short look on Malcolms’s career life, I think there’s nothing left except taking a look on his hairstyles!!. Before anything, you’ve to know few things about Malcolm Edwards hairstyles. The first thing is that Malcolm has created various hairstyles for the different haircuts from the long to the short.. The second thing that Malcolm has used various hair colors from the regular traditional to the wild untraditional hair colors… Briefly, you can say he has used every color from the black to the blue and everything in between!!.. The third and the most important thing that Malcolm has tended to create some hairstyles which combine the elegance, the glamour and the chicness beside the other bold and wild hairstyles of his!!.. In my point of view that now you’re ready to see some of Malcolm Edwards hairstyles.. So, let’s go!.. One of the hairstyles that Malcolm has been so artistic and creative in are the Beehive hairstyles.. He’s created wild, bold and funky styles of the beehive hairstyles. Sometimes those beehive hairstyles turned from being wild and funky to a total weird but still attractive!!.. One example of those Malcolm’s beehive hairstyles is the one which had been worn by Lady Gaga!!.. Another hairstyles of Malcolm are the braided hairstyles. In those hairstyles, Malcolm has tried as much as he could to be so versatile and not to limit himself on just creating the funky and wild looked brairded hairstyles but he has made very elegant and classy braided hairstyles. Beside those hairstyles which have some complex looks sometimes, there are another soft and simple hairstyles made by Malcolm like the ponytails hairstyles, the straight sleek hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the curly hairstyles.. Put beside those hairstyles the different styles of the Up dos like; the low buns, the high buns, the braided buns, the bow buns, the twist ups and the Chignons. There are much more hairstyles made by Malcolm than those last mentioned hairstyles by me, but I think I’d leave the rest of talking to the pictures!!!. Whether the ones I’ve mentioned or the ones I’ve not, you won’t find any versatile, diverse, stunning and spectacular hairstyles like the ones made by Malcolm Edwards. Briefly, you can say that Malcolm Edwards is one of the most successful and creative hairstylists in the whole world who has made his own beauty and fashion statements!!. Now no more talking and leaving you with the spectacular hairstyles pictures of Malcolm Edwards. So, enjoy!!.

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