Male Athletic Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics

A couple of days ago, the London 2012 Olympics definitely told us “Goodbyes and see you again after 2 years in another country!” It’s a true farewell, isn’t it?! Unfortunately, it is! But how would you feel if I told you that we could somehow relive its atmosphere again? I guess that you’d be so happy, but confused and I know why. I’m sure that you definitely want to know how exactly this can be done, right?! Men, there’s no need to say that we’re going to do so by taking a look at some of the hairstyles worn by different male athletes at the Olympics. And like usual, I’m going to delay that trip until I say few important things. The first thing is that these haircuts range from the short or maybe very short and medium to the long or super long lengths. Briefly, they’re diverse! The second thing is that, like we did in the last Olympic hairstyles’ topic, we aren’t going to mention any names. The third thing is that we’re going to start our virtual trip right now. Anyways, when you check all the days of the Olympics, you see that some male athletes have opted for wearing a zero haired head, what I want to say is that they have sported bald head haircuts. On the other side, you can also find that some others have opted for wearing different styles of the buzz cuts. Between you and me, both of the latter and first hairstyles have had very s^3 look; (simple, stylish and sexy)!

While skimming through the pictures taken on the days of the summer 2012 Olympic games, you will notice that a few number of athletes have chosen to wear the Caesar haircuts. Don’t think that these Caesar cuts have come in one way! No, my gentleman, you can find different styles of them being worn. Also, you can see famous short hairstyles such as; spiky, wavy, messy, curly, layered, razored and others. All of them have given their wearers super hot and fashionable looks. I can sense that some of you may say to themselves; “Okay, I like all of the last mentioned hairstyles and cuts, but is there anything new or strictly outstanding?!” Man, how come you say something like that, there’re some truly statement hairstyles worn by some male Olympic Athletes such as the undercuts. Yeah, the undercuts! If you don’t believe it, wait until you see the attached pictures and judge! Besides, you can see that some football players and other athletes have opted for sporting the Mohawk hairstyles. Let me tell you that some of them have gone so far from wearing the spiky mohawk and instead, they’ve worn the straight, curly, afro styles of it. They are different styles, but have had the same outstanding, stylish, and hot look.

As you can figure out, we’ve started to mention or accurately virtually see the medium hairstyles worn by the male Olympic athletes this summer, right? Okay! You need to know that there’re other athletes who have gone so far from wearing them and opted for others such as; the straight, wavy and curly hairstyles, and that’s besides the layered and shaggy ones. Let’s not forget that some have opted for wearing mop top hair especially the Asian athletes! By now, we’ve known some of the short and medium hairstyles, what about the long or super long ones?! Mostly, long haired athletes have opted for either wearing it straight or tying it in a ponytail. And definitely, we can’t forget to mention the cornrows among the long hairstyles worn during the summer Olympic games. That’s just it! Our virtual trip is done and you’re free to go, but after I say an important sentence. This sentence is that if you ever decided to copycat your favorite athlete’s haircut or style, don’t forget to do that based on your face shape and hair type! Now, I can let you free, I mean I can tell you goodbyes!

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