Marni Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Marni fashion house has revealed on its fall/winter 2012 menswear collection during Milan fashion week. The collection can’t be described in words other than youthful, funny, quirky and totally dynamic. The designer of that collection is Consuelo Castiglioni. To produce such a youthful and dynamic collection, Consuelo has relied on using diverse and stylish colors like; orange, mustard yellow, camel, red and blue.. On the other hand, Consuelo has relied on using very rich and easy-to-wear fabrics like wool and leather. By using those colors and fabrics, Consuelo has been able to create the most modern, youthful and stylish men’s fashion trends for the fall and winter seasons.. One of the most stunning and youthful items that the collection included is the coats. Consuelo has presented the classic wool coats which have been padded and lined with technical fabrics. Besides the wool coats, Consuelo has also presented lean puffer coats which have very modern and youthful looks. Besides the coats, the collection has also included wool cardigans which came with fur on the front. Consuelo has also presented short jackets. That’s besides the fur vests, tartan shirts and knitted crewneck sweaters. The last mentioned items have been paired with various styles of pants like; quilted pants, denim pants and pleat-front pants. Besides those elegant, yet youthful last mentioned items, the designer didn’t forget to include suits which have a very stylish look.. By that way, you can say that besides being youthful, quirky and dynamic, Marni fall / winter 2012 menswear collection has been catgut too! So, don’t let such a great collection pass without making use of it!.. Just prepare yourself for your youthful and elegant, yet warmy look in the fall & winter seasons.

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