Marvelous Bathroom Design Ideas by Candice Olson

Turn your bathroom into a whole new level, and feel the real luxury and chicness. Candice Olson presents some marvelous bathroom design ideas that will make your bathroom totally fancy. These bathrooms are definitely unlike any other bathrooms you saw; everything is amazing, and they all have a high taste along with a comforting effect that makes these bathrooms the best place for relaxation. The best thing about these bathrooms is that they all have a watery ambiance which is very suitable for a bathroom. Glass mosaic tiles are used in the shower, and marble floor tiles along with glass shower enclosures give the bathroom a watery effect that you’ll love. Everything is totally modern, and designs suit different spaces.

White and watery blue are the dominating colors in these bathrooms; they make it really smooth and extremely comfortable. Practical wooden sink vanities make a chic color contrast with the white and watery blue ambiance. Bathrooms are supplied with bathtubs and shower trays to please you in all ways. If your bathroom is small, then you can integrate the two units beside each other and save space. One of the amazing designs is like an open bathroom that’s integrated with a bedroom, but at the same time you feel that it is totally separated from the sleeping area as it has a glass enclosed shower and a sink vanity beside it; this’s perfect for a suite-style bedroom. Decoration is totally taken care of in these bathrooms; you can see flowers and various decorative items that make the place really inviting and stylish. Lighting is creative and varies between spotlights, pendants lamps, wall and ceiling lamps, and others for different lighting preferences.

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