Marvelous Bedroom Feature Walls

Having an attractive bedroom is really awesome. Some people only care about designing the rest of the house and ignore their bedrooms thinking they are not important, but this idea is totally wrong. Having a nice bedroom that has eye catching decorations gives you a cheerful feeling and helps you enjoy staying in your own private room. This is a collection of marvelous bedroom feature walls that will make the room unique and will make the walls eye catching. Various ideas are presented here; some of them can be overpowering while others are soft and simple but noticeable. An overhead canopy with a canopy curtain in a nice color that matches with the surroundings will definitely make the wall unique. An oversized headboard that covers the wall behind the bed and is upholstered looks really amazing, and printed wallpaper beside it that has two mirrors with decorations around them make the room look really amazing. One of the soft ideas that you can do is to add a design just above your bed in colors that match with the room or bedding. A big, nice graphic can grab much attention to the room. You can paint the wall behind the wall a dark color, then get a graphic design in a light color to make it bright. Walls made of rocks or stones are totally extraordinary and reflect such a special touch to the room. Large portraits can also make the walls interesting and eye catching.

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