Marvelous Single Girl Apartment Interior Design

A lot of single girls live in their own apartment, and that’s why it must be design in a nice, cozy, and feminine way to make them love where they stay. This is an amazing example of a single girl apartment which was furnished in an amazing way. The living area is totally unique and bold; a black sofa and ottoman give a sophisticated style to the room, and a touch of grey is added through striped cushions and a black and grey rug. A unique effect is seen where the wall behind the TV extends to the top and folds on the ceiling to different extents; this wall is divided into margins of various colors and the end of each of them on the ceiling has a spot light. An amazing glass box is added next to the TV which contains various shells. Glass doors are used for the balcony to let the beautiful view show and pink flowers make a feminine and sweet view.

The kitchen is perfect; it comes in white while the backsplash comes in a relaxing green tone. An innovative idea comes in the form of a wall where a clock is added, and numbers in different fonts are spread on the wall; totally attractive! Concerning the bedroom, it is totally feminine and attractive. Sweet flowery bedding gives a really girly appeal to the white bedroom. A black upholstered headboard makes a perfect contrast in the room. This apartment includes also an extra wide bed in case of sleepovers. A dressing room is small but functional and gathers all your clothes, shoes, and accessories perfectly, the bathroom is very nice, and it also comes in white. The shower has a glass enclosure, and the flooring and cabinet come in grayish black. Flowers are put in the bathroom to add a decorative touch.

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