Master Bedroom of HGTV Dream Home 2012

We must all think that a master bedroom of an HGTV dream home got to be stunning!! This is in fact true, and we’re showing you the amazing master bedroom of HGTV dream home 2012 to get inspired by the amazing colors and designs. The color palette of the room is totally inviting, and the anticipated relaxing mood is totally achieved. Brown and beige are the like the perfect mix, and for bedrooms; total richness and chicness are felt along with relief. The room is designed in a very successful way that allows the presence of spaces all while having everything you need. A queen size bed is used and very rich bedding covers it, and draperies cover the windows beautifully complementing the feel of richness. This master bedroom has an amazing balcony where you can sit and enjoy some fresh breeze while seeing the beautiful outdoor view of the house. Every little detail counts in this room; even a chrome tray that is placed on an ottoman looks totally unique as it comes in the design of coral. This is what I call a successful master bedroom!

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