McCaffrey Haute Couture “Blanc et Noir” Bridal Collection

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Blanc et Noir Bridal is the latest collection from McCaffrey Haute Couture, and brides everywhere are thrilled. The designer states that the inspiration came from the “major introduction of cocktail and evening wear into the label,” which had previously been non-existent. He paired the luxurious combination of white and black to create unique and flattering designs rarely before seen in dresses. McCaffrey’s shift to evening wear has certainly been a promising one. The one thing that can be said about all the dresses in the Blanc et Noir Collection is that they are bold, each in its own unique way. It includes dresses that embody the elegant fullness of traditional gowns, but with their own style.

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For example, one of the dresses has a jet-black sash running across its middle. Another is a full gown with long lace sleeves, possibly inspired by the Kate Middleton trend. With some of his other designs, however, McCaffrey takes himself out onto a narrow ledge. One of the most extreme dresses in this collection is an asymmetrical, strapless mini wedding dress. It falls about half way to the knee at a daring angle, for a showy yet elegant creation that only the bravest of brides will wear. No matter what your style, if you want to be talked about long after your wedding, consider a McCaffrey gown from the Blanc et Noir Bridal Collection.

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