Military Fashion Trends for Women

Even though you are not in the army and you have no ambition to enlist, this season we are taking some fashion cues from soldiers, captains or lieutenants. With bloggers, celebs and mere mortals like you and me all grabbing for military inspired garbs; the fashionista army is growing rapidly. The army was a very big source of inspiration for designers this season. We see references to the military in the general shape and structure of garments as well as more subtle references. Designers kept the silhouettes ladylike, yet added military accents like epaulettes, large buttons and breast pockets. They opted for military shades too; army green, black, navy and mustard making up the perfect military color palette. Some models even wore military hats.

This 2013 trend is one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. How you ask? Easy, you can combine these military items with pretty much everything you already have in your wardrobe. When thinking of the army, words such as tough, sturdy and functional come to mind. When looking for items to combine your newly acquired military garment with, keep these adjectives in mind and you will automatically be guided in the right direction. To be more clear, combine your army gear with basics from leather or denim and you can’t go wrong.

What are the items to look out for on your next shopping spree? Coats with a sharp, military cut preferably in camel, khaki or army green. Also keep your eyes open for pants with a subtle camouflage print or a military inspired hat. When going for a loose fitted shirt, the camouflage print can be a bit more present. If you are up for some adventure, you could even try a thrift store or maybe your father’s old army gear. Basically anything army goes, as long as you combine it with other items and don’t go military from head to toe. To prevent the whole look from being too masculine, just accessorize with high heels, a simple leather bag, red lips and lots of arm candy and you’re good to go.

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