Minimalist Apartment Design: “A,” Duinbergen, by Dennis T’Jampens

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This clean-lined apartment in a prime Duinbergen location is the creation of architect and designer Dennis T’Jampens, from Belgium — a complete “redo” which began with a shell. Following the owner’s instructions, the design maximizes all available space with an open layout that blends kitchen, dining room, and living spaces into one cohesive whole for casual, practical, everyday use and entertaining. Neutral colors and an absence of “frills” throughout make the environment timeless and adaptable. Lighting options run from recessed and targeted “spots” coupled with chrome pendulum lights in the kitchen and bath areas, to modern wall sconces that illuminate the hallway on the way to the bedroom; a desk area is tucked beneath a slanted wall element, while floor-to-ceiling storage closets keep clutter out of the way. The resulting space is a blank canvas that can be added to as time goes on, while being completely functional in its present form.

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In the living room area, white walls, neutral furniture tones, and warm wood floors create a cozy conversation nook before the fireplace; a flat-screen television can be swiveled for viewing anywhere in the room or beyond. The open-plan kitchen features storage behind what appears to be a paneled wall, but which is actually cabinet space. Compact and efficient, it provides marble-topped work space and a center sink island for quick cleanup. Guests at the dining table can talk with the cook or other guests in the living room with equal ease; only steps separate them. In the bathroom, the easygoing mood continues, with fixtures that seem to float against the wall panels and preserve the “light” mood of the remainder of the apartment. In this prime location, this redo has provided the owners with comfort, convenience, and unfussy design that will work for both today and tomorrow.

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