Minimalist Fun in a Child’s Room: Room G by Nidi Design

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For playful, colorful, and useful children’s rooms with cutting-edge contemporary chic, look no farther than the rooms presented by Italy’s Nidi Design. Of several models, each named after a letter of the alphabet, “G” features a palette of sea blues, oranges, reds, and yellows, all played off a clear, pure white. Ideal for slightly older children, this room even boasts two levels and two distinct areas for study or play. The lower bed is tucked beneath a shelving unit, with its own recessed overhead lights handy for reading; storage is handled with floor-to-ceiling white cabinets accented in orange. A warm wood grain floor is the base for a lounging area, complete with orange rug and colorful cushions.

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For more formal work, two desks and chairs stand at the ready — plus a long orange table on the second level, reached by means of lighted “shelves” that can do double duty as a ladder! The upper level of this room holds not only that table but more shelves (that really are just shelves); in fact, one of the strikingly practical aspects of this room is that there’s so much space for “stuff.” Four cubes above the yellow desk can hold artwork, knickknacks, small toys, or sporting equipment; shelf units on both levels are plenty deep enough for books, games, larger toys, videos, or music. Finally, facing one of the desks is another alcove — ideal for a child with a “green thumb,” as it can hold potted plants. A room that can be rearranged and restructured as needed — it’s “G”, one of the collection of children’s rooms by Nidi Design.

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