Minimalist Living Room Decorating Ideas

The minimalist decorating style has a lot fans especially those who love contemporary interior designs and ask for more simplicity and sleekness in their houses. Because the living room is one of the most important spaces in our houses, it must be decorated according to the resident’s taste and favorite style, so if you are one of the minimalist decoration fans, don’t deprive yourself of a minimalist living room design where lines become cleaner, furniture becomes sleeker, and decoration becomes simpler and more refined while still being very elegant and keeping on the sophistication of the luxury interior style. Discover this collection that includes many inspiring ideas for a minimalist living room decoration that provides both elegance and a very modern look.

Maybe we all used to see the minimalist interior designs in white, grey, or black & white, but there is no shame in adding some colors to your minimalist living room! In fact, a touch of color can help in not getting bored so quickly of the cold look of a too white decoration, so don’t be afraid to use colors in a minimalist living room; you can just add a little colorful touch using a carpet, a curtain, or accessories in a bright color, or if you want, you can get the furniture itself in any lively color you like while keeping on the very geometric shapes and the sleek lines to not get far from the minimalist style.

And because the minimalist decorating style is always original, you can be innovative in your living room and replace the traditional sofa by benches in clean lines and sharp forms, with this you may prefer to choose simpler accessories and a glass coffee table that disappears from the view. In a minimalist living room design, don’t be afraid to play with geometric forms; in fact, minimalist designers usually depend on combining graphic lines with original forms to create an unexpected look! You can combine many geometric forms together like a very rectangular sofa with a sleek square coffee table and a big round lamp or vase, for example.

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