Minimalist Modern House on 24th St., Brentwood by Steven Kent Architecture

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Nestled in the heart of the Brentwood neighborhood in Santa Monica, California, this 24th Street design showcases the minimalistic modernist esthetic of Steven Kent Architecture. With nearly twenty years of experience in Southern California design, the firm demonstrates attention to detail throughout the project. Contemporary straight lines and hard angles create edginess in this 2008 structure. The rear view exhibits floor-to-ceiling exposures that maximize natural lighting throughout the interior. With a chic cabana area overlooking a dainty rectilinear water feature, the alfresco areas bring character and warmth to the design.

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Lavish landscaping is accentuated by the towering natural palms in the background. Indoor-outdoor living is central to this home’s appeal.

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Wood slat paneling adds interest to the contemporary cubism, and natural materials increase the organic quality of this design in keeping with the community’s eco-friendly reputation.

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The interior staircase provides sophisticated access to three levels, preserving the home’s open plan.

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Bursts of citrus top the warm neutral color palette, and ample seating bolsters its allure. The wide-open space, coupled with stone flooring typical for the region, is functional and practical, ideal for entertaining.

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Island seating allows for casual gatherings while the whimsy provided by the spherical lighting feature elevates the look.