Missoni Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Missoni fashion house has released its fall/winter 2012 menswear collection during Milan fashion week. The designer of that collection, who is Angela Missoni tended to present a collection which has been full of British eccentric touches in very modern and an up-to-date, yet elegant way. That appeared in all the aspects of that collection; from the colors & the fabrics used to the items presented. So, let’s take a look on each one of those aspects. Concerning the colors, when you take a look at that collection, you will notice that the designer has relied on using an earthy color palette in most of the items that she’s created. On the other hand, concerning the fabrics used, Angela has succeeded in using various mixtures of fabrics and multiple layers.. You can even say that Angela has been one of the most creative fabrics & layers players!! I’ll Take you from the side of the fabrics & colors used to the items that Missoni fall/winter 2012 menswear collection included ! Prepare yourself for getting wowed and charmed by those soft and elegant, yet eccentric items! One of the most elegant, yet cozy items that the collection has included is the Knitted wool coats. Those woolen coats are one of those items that have come in the stunning and soft earthy colors. Besides the knitted wool coats, the collection has also included duffle coats which came in a sort of modernized, yet elegant look. Besides the duffle and knitted coats, Missoni fall / winter 2012 collection also included parkas which are very cozy, yet modernized. Another item that the collection included is the Scottish argyle sweaters, striped sweaters and cardigan jackets. All of those items have very glamorous and eye-catching looks. Besides all the last mentioned items, the collection also included bomber jackets, puffer jackets and vests. Let me not forget to tell you two other things about that collection.. The first one is that the items from the coats to the vests have been paired with either soft tweed pants or checkered pants, while the second and last thing is that the collection also presented the well-cut suits which have been very elegant and chic. In fact, all of the men’s fashion trends presented by Missoni for the fall / winter seasons have been nothing but elegant and eye-catching, yet cozy and haven’t out of the eccentric touches!..

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