Mixing Indoors and Out: Point Dume Residence, CA, by Griffin Enright

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This unique residence at Point Dume, Malibu, CA, probably breaks most of the “rules” you’ve come to expect when you’re looking at a house — even an ultra-modern contemporary house. That’s deliberate, according to Griffin Enright Architects: “With an interest in the continuity of landscape and sequential movement through space, this house manipulates typical paths of domestic movement to integrate the interior and exterior of the house…with spatial intersections that break down edges between inside and outside, engaging the land with the internal logics of the house.” What’s that in “non-architect speak”? It reflects a house with an approach that flips convention “on its ear” in terms of blending indoors and outdoors, with smooth, flowing spaces that encourage you to “blur the lines” and enjoy the process.

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The reason? The panoramic views afforded by the site itself, including the shoreline and horizon. You’ll notice the vast, unbroken expanse of window that allows these views full rein for those in the living room, even to the kitchen island beyond. Hallways are curved and what the designers call “fluid” — and notice that their geometry includes external curves and wraparound windows upstairs. Note that if you approached the home from the back, you might not know there were curves inside at all — or at the very most, you’d suspect they were only incidental to the core of the home. The surprise — and delight — comes when you realize that a splendid view can be as much a part of a home’s spirit and décor as any furniture, fixture, or piece of art.

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