Modern Al fresco Pool Area of a Heritage House on Park Street by COS Design

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This perfect meld of a traditional heritage Victorian home with an updated pool and surround is an example of “concept brilliance from the ground up”, the philosophy of COS Design. Updates sit elegantly with the stately elements of the original home. Red brick and red roofs on the extensions echo the house’s existing detail and color scheme, while the original white “gingerbread” finds a sweet harmony of contrast with the new al fresco pool house’s simple, clean-lined pillars of subdued smoky blue. White walls and furniture bounce and reflect cool light throughout the pool house and spa; the color palette is sophisticated and modern, while maintaining a stylistic whole overall.

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Echoing the blue of pool and pillar, a pergola covered in climbing vines and surrounded by plants creates visual appeal, set off opposite the comfortable lounge area with television, marbled outdoor fireplace, and plush couches. Sunbathers have a choice of reclining on wood loungers that match the rich wood grained decking and planters, or snuggling up on a pillowed wicker loveseat big enough for two, with casual white throw pillows for extra comfort. By night the lights of house, pool, and landscaping, gleam against the growing dusk, creating a warm, welcoming retreat from the hectic world.

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