Modern Bookhouse Residence by Cornerstone Group Architects

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Attention “book people”: this is your dream house, the Bookhouse residence by Austin’s Cornerstone Group Architects. Looking down the hill onto this modern structure, you’ll see slanted roofs in keeping with the terrain, and light and airy approaches to corridors and connections. An exterior courtyard is bounded by a retaining wall of rustic stone and features concrete paver “walks”; an upper-level terrace runs the length of the house and complements two stories’ worth of windows. But it’s what’s inside this house that will make your book-loving friends salivate: bookshelves literally form the walls for much of this space. In the living area, even in the dining room and bedroom, they’re as much an architectural feature of the house as its deck, its roofline, and its indoor/outdoor ambience.

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But make no mistake: the books aren’t the only glamorous touch here. A pool shimmers at one end of the home’s terrace, with an outdoor “living room” adjoining it — complete with shrubbery accents and a rug. Wide-plank wood flooring is a unifying element, complementing the modern art and contemporary furnishings that accent this open-plan space. (Note the “zebra” rug on the floor of one nook!) And, while the bathrom doesn’t feature a wall of bookshelves, it does have a soaking tub tucked into a glass-walled corner of the white-and-marble room; with shades rolled up, the view becomes an eye-catcher. But when all is said and done, the books are the stars here; you’ll never lack for something good to read in this casually elegant Bookhouse by Cornerstone.

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