Modern Bridgehampton Residence, NY, by CCS Architecture

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This Hamptons beach town retreat is a modern home to three generations of a family, including growing kids — which presented challenges in terms of making space for all, while keeping a modicum of style. The house already in place had a hodgepodge of sloped and flat roofs — with interior spaces that didn’t allow for the easy interplay of indoors and outdoors that the owners wanted. That’s where CCS Architecture stepped in. The original house was gut-renovated — going down as many layers as they could without totally razing the place — and in the process, doubled in size from four bedrooms to eight, plus a garage. Now, its angled roofs soar, clearly delineating defined living spaces in the home while providing space for lots of light to enter through sliding glass doors and skylights.

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From the front, you see two wings: one, a two-story garage wing, the other a three-bedroom family quarters. Between them is a quiet green entry courtyard, complete with blue-and-gray loungers that give you a delightful “front porch” feel. The main house door is set slightly “off center” so that the sliding glass can be centrally located — allowing views through the home to the back yard, where there’s an inviting pool and deck for outdoor fun. That’s no ordinary deck out back, either: it’s L-shaped, with wood planters and a trellis that provides welcome shade — part of an expansive sloping area that leads to the alfresco dining area at pool’s edge. With an easy, casual emphasis on the blend of indoor and outdoor living, this Hamptons retreat has it all: room for family fun together, and space for private times as well.

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