Modern Courtyard in Contrasting Neutral Colors on Kooyong Road, Australia

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The dynamic duo of DDB Design and COS Design, has captured our hearts again with clean lines and modern minimalism resulting in fashionable leisure. While Kooyong Road may have not garnered the level of accolades afforded Balaclava Road, the exquisite denouement of their collaborating effort commands our well-deserved adoration. The continuity of their esthetic creativity remains the crux of their uptown savvy. Where the Balaclava Road project was channeled toward cozy happenings, the flavor of Kooyong Road in Rivervale Australia is clandestine sanctum.

According to COS Design, it was DDB Design’s idea which let the center of the attention for this backyard destination be the enlarged high-polish metal infinity sculpture. Such an artwork conveys what the space is saying, and what we hear from outdoors is a request for quiet enjoyment. As the cares of the day are pulled into the tranquility of the cast, we are ushered empyrean daze.

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A complementary color scheme acquiesces to the explosion of Columbia blue at the bottom of a symmetrical swimming pool that fuses completely with the surrounding linear arrangement. The covered seating area gives an opportunity for reflection while admiring an impressive water feature.

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With sliding patio doors and a couple of sun loungers from Spazia’s outdoor collection, the fortunate proprietor would have the advantage of captiously gorging himself/herself on solar energy before the day is done.

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Throughout the pool’s walking areas, each section is conscientiously subdivided into squares. Moreover, rectangle columns, perpendicular rooftop, and undeviating delineation score the resolute shapes throughout the design; however, the softness of the vegetation found on the outskirts of each component speaks to basal nature of this offering.

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As the sun sets, and the moon begins to rise, so does the comforting veil of euphoria as we are drawn into the featured art pieces along the sidewalk, where the brightness of the interior lights and patio lighting extend the moment. While the hue of the pool develops itself for the evening enjoyment, the neutral shades begin to highlight its burst of electric blue. When working with an understated palette like this, to keep the modernistic vibe, the designer refuses to bombard the area with colorful accent pieces that would diminish the impact of the current harmonious elements in place.

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Electric blue water underneath a sapphire reminds us that all good things must come to an end, but on the wings of the morning rides another chance to do it again.

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