Modern Design with Fun, Color, and Luxury in Miami from B. Pila Design Studio

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The Levine home interior, as presented by B. Pila Design Studio, is a clever mix of fun, color — lots of it — and luxury. Fun? Of course, from the “Li’l Abner” print on the kitchen wall to the “dancing” statues atop the grand piano, there’s a contagious sense of humor behind the little touches that make this home unique. Along with the “fun” side of the art, there’s color — all over the place. Bold abstract art in the living/entertaining area lights up the room with primary and secondary colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. On the walls of the dining room, floral murals bring a garden of larger-than-life tulips to the table. Even the master bedroom, restful as can be with white walls, pale woodwork, and cream-and-caramel bedding, has a subdued abstract painting over the bed and a still life gracing another wall.

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But most of all, the Levine home fluently speaks “luxury”. Chairs are deep and inviting; a gallery holds one entire wall of shelves for books and art. The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with abundant cabinets, two shelves on a center island for all those important cookbooks, granite countertops, and a deep sink backed by stone splashbacks in grays, muted yellows, and reds. And the bathroom is an ultimate pampering experience; from the privacy blinds above the soaking tub to a shower big enough for a monsoon, this is a place to let the day’s cares wash away. Finally, gaze out onto the ocean from a secluded patio, with its rock garden and potted plants…and relax. This hideaway is fun, colorful, and indisputably luxurious — from B. Pila.

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