Modern Dining Areas Combined to Living Room

In our contemporary interiors, spaces are opened on each other to offer a more friendly & cozy atmosphere. This is also the case for the dining room or rather called the dining area that finds its place now combined with the living room. Here are some designs for modern dining areas combined to living rooms in a very decorative way. If you have a very open space, you can easily install your living room as well as your dining area in this open place, and then to delimit the spaces visually you can use different colors to distinguish each area. If you like open spaces, do not hesitate to combine the kitchen, dining area and living room. Thus, the walls of the room will disappear completely to create a very convivial spirit. If your space layout has a rather elongated shape, it is easy to combine together the two pieces while delimiting each one of them. A window door for example can define the dining area from the living room. You can place the dining table in the room and use different sofas to create a square for the living room. Thus, each function has its space. Sometimes small accessories can work as a space separator; for example in a living room where the dining area is combined, a carpet in a different design and color can visually define an area from the other one. If you want the person sitting in the living room to participate with others who are at the dining table, turn your sofa into your dining room table to create a whole quite friendly ambiance. If your living room has an L-shaped layout, you can choose to install the living area and dining room in the same room without need to delimit the spaces. If the dining area is the most important to you, place your dining table in the center of the room and have only a sofa against the wall to give the space also a living room function. If your space is not quite large, you are still able to combine the two pieces, but in this case play with contrasting colors as a way to delimit the dining from the living area.

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