Modern Green Interior Decorating Ideas

A peaceful color that is related in mind to the nature and the tranquility; green is a very charming color, that no doubt, all nature fans just love it. Green is also known in the chromotherapy as the balancing color that helps in overcoming the obstacles that confront us. But in interior decoration, green wasn’t so lucky to be one of the most popular colors in this field because it was known as a too loud color that doesn’t easily marry with other tones. But this wrong concept doesn’t exist anymore; actually modern decorations depend on the dare of trying new shades and colors, and for green especially; know that if you use the right green tones, they will create a very pretty & cheerful atmosphere in your interior and will bring to it the soft & tender spirit of the nature. For all the fans of green colors who wonder how to add it in their interior decoration, follow this post and you will find a nice variety of ideas & examples to inspire you. To get the best results of this refreshing color while decorating your home, use its light tones like almond green, celadon green and water green; those by the way are ones of the most fashionable shades in interior decoration in the last couple of years. It’s easy to add some green touches in your rooms without exaggerating to not get a too loud effect; use it as touches in curtains for example or in carpets and never forget the outstanding effect of adding green plants. In furniture, think for example of a nice green sofa in a modern shape & simple lines, or instead, you can just add some pretty green cushions to your white, black, beige or gray sofa. Green can also dress part of the walls in your living area or your bedroom; for this, add white or wooden furniture to get the best look; with white it will create a very refreshing contrast and with wood it will bring the charming nature spirit.

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