Modern Home, Vintage Roots: Swiss Farmhouse Conversion by Arttesa

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With a glimpse inside this dwelling in Genf, Switzerland, you may be reminded of its origins as an agricultural space — but the inside certainly is no ordinary farmhouse! This conversion into a bright, airy, and modern home is the work of the experts at Arttesa Interior Design. Some rustic vestiges remain: witness the extensive wood pile on the outside and the beamed ceilings within. But that’s where the “old-fashioned” touches leave off, replaced by a soaring three-level central “great room” with a magnificent modern chandelier and balconies looking down on a casual seating area fronting a stunning multi-level stone fireplace. Cool white walls and ceilings are well-balanced by the warmth of wood throughout — especially striking in a herringbone pattern on the living room floor — and by generous touches of blue.

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Everywhere you look in this place, there are little magical touches: the long hallway appears contemporary, lined with reflective glass…but gaze above you and there’s starlight in the ceiling! Skylights and long windows are great sources of sunshine, while indirect lighting lining the ceilings provides illumination in the private areas of the home (such as the en-suite bathroom with its soaking tub just steps from the bed). In a streamlined modern kitchen full of shining surfaces, stainless steel, and chrome, take a look at the center island base with its great marquetry look and you can be forgiven for recalling Grandma’s farmhouse table; that, plus a checkerboard floor, makes the place completely cozy. That’s the secret here: a combination of fun “homey” touches and natural materials make this “farmhouse” by Arttesa something truly special.

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