Modern Interior Decorations Inspired by the Cottage Style

Not only for chalets, even if you want to redecorate your town house in a cozy way; the cottage decorating style is a perfect choice. In this post we present you a nice example of a modern house decorated in this charming way. The pictures below show how each room in the house is beautified by this warm ambience; check them out. The living room looks so comfy and gives you a warm feeling once you see it. Furnished in a modern style, the cottage style comes through the usage of raw wood everywhere; the big existence of wood with some touches of fur and some other cotton fabrics is the secret of this attractive room. The home office is designed to bring the mountain spirit in the room; by some simple touches we can see the cottage style clearly. Only a tableau decorated the wall with a picture of deer silhouette and two lovely lamps dressed in animal fur and of course the wood desk makes you feel like if you are surrounded by the pretty nature while allowing all the comfort to work in a perfect mood. Since wood is the first key to create the cottage style in any interior, the bedroom is also dressed in wood. Very soft wooden furniture with a nice lighting and some small accessories related to the same theme like a fur rug and decorative items inspired by the mountain are enough to give you all the freshness and delight of the cottage life. And we can’t forget the kitchen; the pleasure of cooking in the nature begins by choosing all the kitchen furniture in wood, also don’t hesitate to add some green plants.

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