Modern Rocket Furniture Collection for Rock-n-Roll Fans

Rocket is a new brand in the furniture world created by two young creative Italian designers, this brand doesn’t present but unique furniture with very original and very innovative designs. This time, they are presenting a new furniture collection specially dedicated for Rock-n-Roll fans and music lovers. The collection contains a big number of original furniture in a cool musical theme; it includes coffee tables, trays, mirrors, shelves, clothes’ hangers, wine racks, coaster and napkin sets. Every piece is very distinguishable and stylish with innovative designs and forms. The coffee table called “Rockstable” is taking the shape of the silhouette of a guitar, it looks very original. It is made of excellent materials such as Plexiglas, aluminum & steel which emphasizes its delicate look. It is also available in a variety of colors for its top surface so you can choose the color you prefer. The original tray is called -GuiTray- as it is also having the same guitar shape with six holes for cups. It really looks very cool with many options of colors like purple, orange, red and transparent. The tray is made of Plexiglas and aluminum and with special techniques giving refraction effects under the light. Shelves are presented in two designs; a half of a guitar or a cassette tape, both are made of lacquered wood with the addition of vinyl stickers. They are available in many cool colors and sizes. The mirror is taking the form of headphones, the clothes’ hanger has a track design, the coaster looks like a CD and even the napkin looks exactly like a headphone. All are having the same vital and attractive colors. This collection shows clearly the talent and creativity of its designers, any piece of it can add to your modern indoor a very attractive and original look.

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