Modern Sideboards and Trolleys for a Practical Kitchen

Kitchen sideboards & trolleys are very useful pieces to complete the kitchen furniture with more practical storage spaces and worktops. Ideal for simple kitchens with assembled furniture and for small spaces with a lack of storage places. Here are some ideas for modern kitchen sideboard and kitchen trolley models to inspire you. For a practical sideboard that serves in both the kitchen and dining room, choose a trolley model on wheels so you can use it to move the food and crockery from the kitchen to the dining area and vice versa. If you don’t have enough surfaces in your kitchen, the sideboard can provide you with a comfortable worktop if you place it against the wall and at the same time provides more storage space through its bottom shelves and drawers. If you do not have a kitchen island, know that you can totally create one using two sideboards that you stick them in the center of the kitchen; again, you will benefit from a storage space plus a worktop. Know that the sideboard is not always reserved for the kitchen; an elegant sideboard design can decorate your dining room while being practical to store table clothes, dishes and all the necessary crockery you need when you prepare the dining table.

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