Modern Small Bathroom Wash Basin

This is a very beautiful model for a washbasin that brings the nice feeling of nature combined with nice touches of modern art. Robbiano Blue is a new washbasin produced by the famous Italian company Ceramica Flaminia and dedicated for small space bathrooms. Robbiano Blue is a small washbasin in a minimalist square shape with soft curved corners placed on a wooden counter; the beauty in this design appears in the combination between wood which gives a natural look with the washbasin finished in a very attractive blue matt color. The combination between those two colors creates an amazing look and makes you feel immediately comfortable and peaceful. Besides this cool washbasin, Ceramica Flaminia offers shelves and decorative vases in the same blue color and with the same minimalist design. We can see that the usage of the minimalist design wasn’t conflicting with the natural atmosphere created through the beautiful wooden elements, on the contrary, the minimalist style matched very well with the natural and essential look of the bathroom and increased its beauty.

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