Modern Waterfall Bathroom Taps by Fluid

One of the most important bathroom tools is the water tap, so many designers are competing to design more and more beautiful and modern faucet designs. Now we are presenting to you a very elegant and chic line in designing faucets by the great designer Fluid, this design line is called fan. This specific design line, fan, is inspired by the great social status in ancient Asia. When you see this fan collection of water taps, Of course you will insist to change your old ones with those faucet designs from Fluid. Fluid borrows the graceful Asian lifestyle to have his inspiration when designing his new collection of faucets and then adding some of his modern and unique aesthetic touches. These taps look so simple and chic and really give your bathroom some attractiveness. Fluid has proven that it can add prosperity to your bathroom just by having these unique designed bathroom tools. Just think if this idea is for faucets, then what about the other Fluid bathroom accessories?

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