Modern Yellow Interior Decoration Ideas

Since yellow is the color that evokes the sun, it is therefore the one that evokes the warmth and the beautiful sunny days. To bring the spring in your interior, go for yellow in the decoration; the good news is that it adapts with many styles and that it is also suitable for each room of the house. Need more inspiration? Check out the pictures below. Because the hallways are often less luminous than the rest of the house, do not hesitate to choose a bright color like yellow to bring brightness to this space. If you want to enter the yellow color in your classic interior decoration, go for a pastel shade that will just warm the whole look. Yellow matches easily with natural tones and you can add some stronger touches of it in accessories and decorative items like cushions for example. Yellow is also an excellent choice for a retro interior decoration. For this, choose a shade of yellow that turns slightly into orange, and then accessorize the room with dark tones like dark red. If you love bright colors, don’t hesitate to mix some colorful touches together in your interior decoration; for example, a bright yellow carpet with cushions in red, silver & purple will definitely create a very attractive pop ambience. To bring freshness to a room, it is preferred to go for a soft pastel yellow and associate it with other smooth colors like pink or blue. The result is very feminine and refreshing. If your decor is quite standard and depending on white as the main color, don’t hesitate to add a touch of color that will revive the whole look. In the dining room for example, you can only add yellow chairs to the white table and accessorize the cold look of white furniture with few yellow decorative items.

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  1. Don’t get me wrong I love yellow. It is so lively and warm, but I am not sure I would use it in the kitchen… Just my style I guess.

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