Monica Hairstyles 2012

“Shocking but stunning” is the only sentence that can tell you how i feel towards the new hairstyles worn by the famous singer Monica since the beginning 2012 till now. To put you in the picture with me, I’m going to explain why i said so. I said shocking because those hairstyles are absolutely unexpected! Have you ever imagined that one day Monica would get rid of her sassy and sexy, yet creative short hairstyles and replace them with stunning and chic longer ones?! Actually, that’s what our beloved r ‘n’ b singer has done! At the start of 2012, Monica shocked everyone by doing two things; dyeing her hair blonde and sporting the medium bob haircut. Despite it’s been shocking, she has looked in a very gorgeous way sporting that haircut. After a while, she’s gone further and let her hair go longer. I know that some of you, maybe many, can’t imagine her with long hair. Woman, accept it! Monica has styled her long hair in very soft and classy, yet eye catching ways.

For example, one of the most stunning and softest long hairstyles that she’s sported is the sleek straight hairstyle with braided halo headband which has given her a very alluring and attractive look. Besides, she has worn the soft loose wavy hairstyle. Also, she has sported the curly hairstyles more than once in different places and in different ways. As an example, she’s sported the curly ponytail and half up half down hairstyles besides the curly flowing ones. Besides all of those soft and cute, yet stunning hairstyles mentioned above, Monica hasn’t forgotten to try different styles of the updos such as; spiral bun and braided updo hairstyles. All the updos worn by Monica have had very classy, chic and eye catching looks. Woman, why’re you still sitting in your place?! There’s nothing more to be said! Then, hurry up, scroll down to take a look at the stunning and classy Monica hairstyles for 2012. You might pick one of those hairstyles and sport it. So, wish you great luck and glamour!

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