Moschino Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Moschino fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has been nothing but a journey into the boy’s fashion education! It may seem sort of a nontraditional thing, but that has been the main theme of the collection!!. That’s the main reason that the collection has been full of various combination of colors; whether the dark ones like; black & gray, or the fluorescent ones like orange, pink and lime green! Besides having such a diverse, yet colorful collection, Moschino fall/winter 2012 menswear collection combined between luxurious fabrics like leather & velvet, and the easy-to-wear and funky fabrics which have been full of print motifs like the wall-bricks prints, the musical instruments-inspired prints and the Graffiti prints. Both of the last mentioned colors and fabrics have been used in such a creative and smart way to create diverse fashion trends that shall satisfy all the senses from the classic ones to the stylish & youthful ones. So, let’s take a look on those diverse fashion trends! One of the most elegant and chic items that the collection has included is the coats. The collection presented various styles of coats like duffle coats and topcoats.. Despite that those coats are supposed to be formal and elegant, the collection has included some coats which have been full of artistic and random colorful prints! That has turned them from the classic & formal look into the stylish, youthful & casual look! Besides the coats, the collection has included the elegant and classy Prince of Wales power suits. Beside those classy power suits, the collection has also included some suits which have been full of either the colorful & random text-printed motifs or the wall-bricks prints from pants to jackets. Those ones have very funky and boyish, yet eye-catching looks. Moschino fall / winter 2012 collection has also included biker jackets, suit jackets and fluorescent tuxedo jackets.. That’s besides the vests. Let’s not forget to mention that the following items; the coats, jackets and vests have been paired with either shorts or pants which came in various styles like; cargo pants, narrow pants with the musical instruments-inspired prints and denim pants. That’s just it!! As you can see, all of the fashion trends that have been presented by Moschino fashion house for this fall & winter seasons swung between the softness & elegance, the boldness & stylishness, and yet the coziness!! In my personal opinion, it’s one of those collections that can catch your eyes!! How lucky are men with such a collection?!…

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