A More Natural Back Yard Look: Freeform Pools by Cameo Pools

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If you love a natural look in water features, you’ll love these freeform pool examples by Arizona’s Cameo Pools. As the builders explain, “Freeform shapes are often curvy and elegant with an effortless feel. They can help you to create an oasis in your backyard by incorporating an organic design with natural materials and landscaping. Often paired with real rock accents, waterfalls, and stone decking, these pools reflect the best of man and nature combined.” Indeed, it’s a magical combination in these instances: everything from stone bridges over part of the pool to native rough-hewn rock formations with cascading waterfalls and thatched “huts” come into play, with terrific results. A freeform pool can make your life easier, too, especially for a yard with unusual dimensions, irregularities, slopes or inclines, or other challenges.

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Besides ease, a freeform pool gives your imagination room to play as well It can give you the feeling of escaping to your own private lagoon, especially if you edge it with native rock and lots of plantings. It can be narrower at one end, with shallows for small children — and wider and deeper at the other for the teenagers to have a ball. It can feel like a desert oasis, as the magnificent bridged estate-sized water feature does here. Another plus? With well-placed lighting, it gives your yard irresistible “atmosphere.” So if your proposed site is a little “off plumb” in some way, think “freeform” for your pool — it could be the best back yard improvement you’ll ever make!

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