Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

With his new release of fall/winter 2012 menswear collection, Neil Barrett has proven to the whole world that he’s able to provide more and more elegant and stylish fashion trends, yet more different than his previous ones. In that collection, Neil Barrett got rid of his well-known rock n’ roll touches, the over-the-top trendy attitude and the bow tuxedos and ties.. You can say that the new fall / winter 2012 menswear collection is considered as a new era in the career life of Neil Barrett.. In that collection, Barrett has relied on using a very elegant and classy combination of colors like; black, yellow and the different tones of red, camel and gray colors. Besides that, Neil Barrett has relied on using very rich and elegant fabrics like; nylon, mohair and leather. From those colors and fabrics, the designer has been able to create his stunning and glamorous, yet elegant items. One of the most elegant items that the designer has presented is the coats. The designer has played with the proportions to create various coat styles.. Besides the elegant coats, the collection also included woolen bomber jackets with hoods and quilted bomber jackets. Beside those jackets, the collection also included knitted sweaters with either a high turtle-neck or a crew neck, nylon quilted sweaters and lustrous sweaters.. Those last mentioned items have been paired with very elegant and classic styles of pants. Let me not forget to mention that the collection has also included suits.. All of the items that Neil Barrett has presented in that fall / winter 2012 menswear collection have been very elegant, classy and chic, yet modern. That’s besides that those fashion trends are like the main reason for the jump that has occurred in Neil Barrett’s career life! Anyway, I know that’s your only concern is that they’re elegant, yet cozy, so take advantage of that! Don’t let such an elegant collection pass in front of your eyes without getting benefit from it!..

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