Neorest Charming Bathtubs With LED Light By TOTO

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing warm bath in a sensual & romantic ambiance? TOTO is moving the relaxation and pleasure to the next level by this wonderful collection “Neorest LE”. TOTO is a leading company in the field of sanitary ware and it always present excellent products, this time they are presenting an awesome collection of beautiful bathtubs that are not just a masterpiece in terms of design but also amazes us by its ability of creating the most relaxing feeling which comes through the charming LED lights emitted from the bathtub. As usual, TOTO is using excellent quality and high durability materials; in this collection bathtubs are made of epoxy resin which looks like glass but super heat resistant. This material has the advantage of creating in the day light a nice feeling of calmness and purity, so Neorest LE won’t be beautiful only at night with its romantic & relaxing LED lights, but also during the day with the lovely fresh atmosphere that it creates. The contemporary design of this bathroom combined with the natural ambiance created by the wooden walls and floors increase its beauty and charm and bring a modern luxury look.

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