New IKEA Collection 2013

While we are still thinking in some innovative interior decoration ideas for this summer, IKEA is already presenting its 2013 collection of furniture & home accessories. The new 2013 collection from IKEA which includes furniture, linen and decorative accessories is characterized by some special features; IKEA 2013 furniture fabrics are very distinguished with its original designs; romantic, ethnic, contemporary and pop. Be the first before anybody who sees this selection of most interesting designs from the IKEA 2013 collection. In its 2013 collection, IKEA presented the “Madame Rêve” inspiration which is a range of embroidered linen, printed in retro motifs for a charming ambiance. Vichy squares and light curtains magnify the traditional country decoration for a chic yet very subtle bedroom decorating style. Still in the category “Madame Rêve”, another bedroom looks so romantic & charming thanks to its soft colors combining powdery pink shades with a rich mix of floral prints and checkered ones that remind us of English cottages. IKEA 2013 collection plays a lot on the pretty effect of floral motifs in bedrooms, that’s why you will find many bedroom designs enriched with blankets & bed linen, also curtains and cushions printed in big flower patterns.

Because Nature is still a coveted trend, IKEA 2013 collection includes many inspirational Scandinavian bedroom designs in which is melted the purity of white color with the nature spirit of the oak material; a perfect combination that is very stylish. The tangerine tango; this flashy reddish orange color that was elected the trendiest color in interior decorations for 2012, will it continue to be very fashionable in 2013 also? Anyway IKEA 2013 collection presents this pop color in different lively designs; mixed with pure white, it creates a vibrant pop ambience that both stylish and cheerful. Other than tangerine tango, IKEA 2013 collection also offers many tangy colors in amazing combination for a very contemporary look like lacquered apple green bedroom furniture accessorized by purple striped bed linen; not just vital but also very stylish. The collection also includes many practical kitchen furniture designs, living room sofas, functional coffee tables, side lamps, chandeliers, storage cabinets, decorative cushions, outdoor plant pots and many other items.

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