New Outdoor Space Everyone Likes: Mangan Residence by Huettl

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Even the dog likes it: it’s a walk-across water feature, complete with concrete stepping stones, that is part of a back yard renovation as designed by Huettl Landscape Architecture. And that’s only a small part of the attractions in this easy-to-love outdoor living space. Behind nicely weathered cedar privacy fencing, feathery aspens border a patio and al fresco dining spot complete with a handy grill for quick cookouts. A steel and wood-slat pergola shelters this multi-purposes area as well, helping to diffuse the sunshine; a tranquil pond, complete with floating lilies, flows around a low concrete wall that separates two of the outdoor “rooms” and provides the height for a trickling cascade. On the other side of the wall and its waterfall, native grasses of all kinds provide a sense of “cool” and touches of color.

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Kitty-corner from this lounge area, shrubs drape gracefully over fencing and shade a redwood bench, secluded in its cozy nook yet still within easy interaction of other seating. Square pavers form an informal, rambling patio connecting all the areas, while wide paths of white stone provide a nice accent for dark planters holding what look to be herbs or other kitchen greens — a practical aspect to a relatively small space that provides an extra benefit for its owners. In the plans, it’s easy to see how these “rooms” can give family members just enough space for privacy — or be one expansive area for a large gathering of guests. For quiet contemplation or active entertaining, then, it’s a winner: the Mangan residence redo by Huettl Landscape Architecture.

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