30 Magical Images of Newborn Triplets

Recently at Stylish Eve we have been producing a number of posts with wonderful images of babies for you. Single babies, twin newborns, black babies and merbabies (baby mermaids) have all been given the spotlight, and the feedback we have had from all of our great Stylish Eve followers has made us realize that you really, really like photographs of babies. Well with over 28k likes already, we reckon that you can’t get enough of baby photographs, so we have been doing some searching around, and we think you will like this range of images three times more than the ones of single babies. Why? Because we have found a wonderful selection of stunning and moving photographs of triplets especially for you. That’s 30 inspirational sets of images of 90 adorable babies, and once you have looked at them we know all too well you will be smiling from cheek to cheek.

There is one image taken by Kimberley G that sums up this whole collection perfectly. There is a little girl saying “Shhhh…”, and it is appropriate for all but one image where all the beautiful babes seem to be fast asleep. Getting one baby to sleep is hard enough, so how it is possible to do it with three leaves us scratching our heads a bit. The only thing we can think of is that as they are in such close contact it reminds them of the warmth and safety of the womb and they are more than content to take a nap. Whether it is just a simple item of headwear, a super-soft shawl or blanket, or tight swaddling, these babies look so adorable, so innocent, and so content. Perhaps our next task is to seek out a selection of photographs of newborn quadruplets….