Nicole Farhi Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Nicole Farhi fashion house has revealed its fall / winter 2012 menswear collection during Milan fashion week. That collection can be considered as one of the most polished and elegant collections that have been presented during Milan fashion week. The main designer behind that collection is Massimo Nicosia, of course under the lead of Nicole Farhi herself. When you take a look at that collection, you can’t tell whether its main theme is ‘the travelers’ or ‘Before going to sleep’!.. That’s because you can see some of the models wearing sleeping eye masks, whereas some other models held elegant suitcases!! The rest haven’t done this or that! Anyway, let’s not give alot of attention to the theme and concentrate more on discovering that elegant and polished collection. The first thing that you have to know about that collection is that Massimo has relied on using dark colors like black and deep blue, besides chocolate brown.. On the other hand, the designer has relied on using very rich, yet elegant fabrics like; tweed wool and leather.. From those colors and fabrics, the designer has been able to create the most elegant, classy and polished men’s fashion trends for the fall & winter seasons.. So, I think that now is the time to reveal the hits of that collection.. Are you ready to get wowed and shocked by the glamour of those items?! If not, prepare yourself! One of the most stunning, yet polished items that the collection has included is the coats. Coats have been mainly made from tweed wool which has contributed in the elegance and glamour of those coats, besides leather coats which have sort of a rich and maybe luxurious look. Besides the coats, the collection has also included suit jackets, bomber jackets and puffer jackets with knitted collars & sleeves. The designer has also presented knitted sweaters and blazers which have come in tweed and chevron patterns.. Let’s not forget to mention the silk pajama-style tops and trousers which have been presented besides other items like; loose suits and palm-printed shirts.. All of those items have been introduced in the most polished and eye-catching ways more than you can ever imagine! You have to know that besides being polished and eye-catching, they’re totally cozy and warmy.. I think that by that we’ve reached the finale! It’s time to tell you ‘Enjoy having a glamorous and polished collection like Nicole Farhi fall / winter 2012 menswear collection!!’…

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