Nicole Richie Hairstyles 2012

“I actually think I’m the best hairstylist on the planet”, that’s what today’s star proclaimed in the June 2012 issue of Glamour magazine. An eye catching statement, isn’t it? Definitely! That’s why we decided to see how correct this sentence is by discovering the hairstyles worn by the hot celeb Nicole Richie since the year started till the recent days. Yah, Nic is the one whom we’re talking about today. Ladies, since you knew who the star is, let’s begin the real action!! The first thing that you need to know about the stunning fashion designer’s hair is that it has been seen in either the long or medium lengths this year. The second thing is that it has been blonde, blonde and nothing other than blonde! Let me not forget to tell you that she’s opted for dip-dying it lighter pink, but after a while she’s made a U-turn to her blond tresses.

Okay, we’ve seen her hair lengths and colors, what about its styles and cuts?! Actually, we’re about to start mentioning them after the next period. The “Fashion Star” mentor has stunned us with the updos she wore in 2012. She’s sported different styles of them such as; the top knots and classic buns which can be considered as the most worn by her. Add to them the elegant styles of both of the French twists and bouffants. And let’s admit that all of them have had that true eye catching and gorgeous look. Oops, I forgot to tell you that our beloved star has worn a braided updo which had an amazing boho look. Nicole has also opted for sporting the half up-half down hairstyles once or maybe twice this year. One of these half updos has got a super classy and retro look while the other one has been so fashionable and modern. Another thing that you need to know about the last one is that it has been accented with mini braids.

From the last section, you knew that Richie has made use of the braids in some of her half or full updos, but has she sported them as individual hairdos? Our precious readers, I have to tell you that recently she’s done that and worn an alluring French braid. The next hairstyles that the famous TV personality has opted for this year are the straight and wavy down dos which have a sultry look. By the way, she’s worn the first styles more than the latter ones. I can sense that some of you are about to ask me the following questions; “Hasn’t she worn any sort of ponytails like the other stars?” and “Which cuts has she opted for while wearing medium hair?!” She’s been seen once wearing a casual mid height ponytail while going out of the gym, and that’s the answer of the first question. Regarding the second one, the famous singer and actress has opted for sporting medium layered bob haircuts.

I guess that after seeing all of these gorgeous and fashionable long & medium hairstyles, we became so sure that the statement we mentioned at the start is correct! None of us can deny that Nicole is a creative and smart player when it comes to the hair locks. Yes, our precious readers, as you can sense we’re about to say goodbyes. When? We’re going to do so just after saying a tiny hint which is that the long wispy bangs have been like a major part of all of her hairdos this year. Is there anything left for me to say? No! Hence, allow me to tell you goodbyes and wish you a fabulous, sexy look anywhere and at any time.

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