Nina Dobrev Hairstyles 2012

Would you kill for Elena Gilbert’s hair? I’m pretty sure that there’re some of you who may say; “Yippee, who wouldn’t? It’s gorgeous!” while there’re others who may say; “Elena who? Whose hair are you talking about?!” Okay, for those who don’t know, Elena Gilbert is Nina Dobrev. And no, it’s not another name of hers or something; it’s the name of her character in the “Vampire Diaries” series. Anyways, sorry for that bla bla and let me tell you that we’re going to see which hairstyles the gorgeous star has sported during 2012. So let’s begin doing so, my precious ladies! Like any long haired girl, Dobrev has opted for showing the whole world how shiny and spectacular her locks are and that’s by wearing the down dos. Our beloved star has tried the different styles of the flowing locks starting from the sleek straight and loose curly to the soft wavy ones and all of them have looked sexy and eye catching. Besides the flowing locks, the Canadian actress has been seen wearing ponytails more than once. You need to know that the majority of her ponytail hairdos have been sleek straight while the rest have been soft wavy. For sure, there’s no need to say that all of them have given her that youthful, stylish, and alluring look.

Nina hasn’t forgotten to charm us with her lovely, romantic, and heartbreakingly beautiful updos which have been mostly chignons and classic buns besides the bobby pinned styles. By the way, among her bobby pinned updo hairstyles, you can find a retro curly faux bob which has looked so chic, stunning, and gorgeous. Actually, I love it and I think that you can feel it! Anyways, you need to know that the rest of her updos haven’t been less gorgeous or chic than this faux bob ‘do. Let me tell you that besides the last mentioned hairdos which are few as you can see, the talented actress has opted for sporting both of the fishtail braid and the half updo which have had spectacular and sexy looks. By reaching that far, I can tell you that the farewell is so soon, but I have one comment concerning her half up half down hairdo. You need to know that it has been accented with classic braids from the two sides. A gorgeous look, isn’t it?! I know that there’re some of you who would definitely fall in love with it and imitate it, as well. I think that the same words can be said on all of her hairdos not just this one. Now, I have to tell you goodbyes and wish you a stunning, fabulous look everywhere you go. So enjoy catching all the eyes!

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