Non-Conventional Skateboarder’s House with Vintage Touches

As long as it’s your own house, feel free to furnish it your own way even if it’s extremely extraordinary. The most important is to feel relaxed and to feel at home. If you are a skateboarder, and have always been in love with this sport, then this amazing skateboarder’s house will definitely amaze you that you won’t even believe it. Imagine having a house where you can just glide everywhere using your skateboard. This house is designed having smooth sliding planes like ramps, or even plateaus made of concrete so that you can enjoy skateboarding on them. This idea is totally non-conventional and would never appeal to anyone except skaters. The rest of the house is furnished in a vintage style, but only little pieces of furniture were used like a small table, chairs, shelves, and a chest. Chandeliers are also used to complete the vintage look, and animal heads were hung against the wall with their long horns for a special touch that matches with the surrounding weird atmosphere. Different colors and patterns are used on the walls to amuse the skater with a lovely scene while skating, whereas the rest of the house is mainly seen in white. In addition, you can see very chic wood panels used to cover the ceiling in an amazing design, and parquet flooring is used to complete that chic touch of wood and to be easy to roll the skateboard on it.

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