Open Plan Apartment with White and Wood Tones

We all know how the color white is one of the favorite colors used in interior decoration. White is a pure color that really looks chic and comforting when you find it in any apartment. It makes the space look larger which makes it more relieving and can adapt with any other color easily. In this post, we are showing you an open plan apartment where white is used along with the perfect usage of wood tones. Wood is one of the perfect materials to be used in any apartment, and when mixed with white; the result is just perfect! In this apartment, white is used on all of the walls and the ceiling to enlighten the whole place, and give it that widening effect. Also, the doors and some of the kitchen cabinets along with the lower doors of the kitchen island come in white which gives a really cheerful chic style. Wood is much utilized in this place; but, besides the chic effect that arises from the usage of wood in any apartment, the presence of different tones of wood is the real key to the beauty of this place. Two large libraries and an LCD table are installed, in the living area, which are made of wood in a light tone, while parquet covers the whole flooring in a very light wood tone which also aids in enlightening the whole place. A small dining set is placed near the kitchen that is made of wood; the chairs are made of a very light tone of wood, while the table is painted in black to make an amazing color contrast.

Now, the best place where the tones of wood are perfectly used is the kitchen. This apartment has an open kitchen, where stripes of different wood tones are used giving an amazing piece of art to the view, these wood stripes appear on some of the cabinets and on the slab doors of the kitchen island, as well. Metal handles are used for the cabinets of the kitchen, and silver appliances are used to match with the colors. A black sofa is used which makes the perfect contrast with the white walls, and the light tones of wood surrounding it make it so eye-catchy, and to complete this perfect contrast, a black rug and three black, round nesting tables are also available. Amazing windows were installed to enjoy the outer view, and white frames cover the glass enclosures to complete the white overview. Among the most eye-catching things that you can find in this apartment is the lighting. Splendid light fixtures and spots are found that come in white or metal color in a really amazing modern way. Some final touches are used in this open plan apartment to complete its decorative side like using big, nice portraits on the walls, and some fruits on the dining table to add color.

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